We try to have an innovative approach in relation to the outdated market of the external R&D consulting service.


We noticed how from the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century until today the R&D consulting service, or in general the services supporting the research and development departments, have basically remained the same. The consultant develops and delivers the project, or part of it, and then the costumer integrates it with his own offer of products or services. Nowadays - with an ever-increasing focus on knowledge reuse, the introduction of structured archiving and coding systems and generally the various systems that go under the acronyms of EDM, TDM, PDM and PLM - integrating projects carried out by other people is no longer so simple, and above all they are often developed differently from how the technical office of the customer company would develop them.

Therefore, we wondered if there could be a better way to support the modern internal R&D department; so that it would enhance the internal knowledge of the company, eliminate the most "annoying" tasks for the operators and above all that it could also be a perfectly integrated support in the research and development processes of the manufacturing sector.
We believe we have developed a set of services - which will be referred to as "OUR SERVICES" - that can offer a concrete and competitive advantage to modern R&D department. These services respect more the processes and enhance the role of internal operators within the company.

What is proposed here is not only the result of reasoning and innovative ideas, but it is something tested by several important companies who already managed to have great immediate advantages deriving from the application of the services proposed here, besides a general improvement in the internal staff working conditions.
This is possible because our services are aimed at enhancing the company's internal skills and not at their replacement or alienation in favor of economically advantageous solutions only, as often happens in the choice of support services provided by external staff often selected on the basis of a criterion of mere hourly cost.


In General

e focus on providing services that give greater efficiency to the already existing research and development departments, and not on proposing to outsource the part of knowledge, which in our opinion should always and in any case remain company assets. What we propose is to outsource and optimize processes with low added value that can be carried out in more efficient ways or by technically experts in the CAD platform.

The aim

We aim to provide a set of modern services, which are highly compatible and designed for PLM infrastructures. They are also designed to be easily integrated with your coding and management systems and don’t require security holes or a change of operating mode by the research and development team.

How we do it

As said before, our strength is not - and does not want to be - the knowledge of your product; on the contrary, it is a strong knowledge and competence of the technical-computer instrumentation that allows us to optimize the development time of the product documentation..
That’s the way we can help our customers do their job better, while enhancing their internal skills.


Operational flexibility

The services can be purchased separately, or through convenient "day packages". In this way the company is able to maintain the operational flexibility that is needs, but can also request the service when it is necessary, obviously with the right notice and agreement.
This allows you to provide to your research and development department a support that is always available, but which meanwhile never gets in the way.

Strongly specialized

We are mechanical technicians, and we offer our service only to manufacturing companies, as we know the problems related to the creation and management of the technical documentation of the sector. Although many tools are shared with other sectors, we believe that a great added value is to rely on a collaboration that has the technical skills and is able to deal with the research and development department.

Standardized services

Experience has allowed us to formulate a set of tested services which allow the customer to get the maximum benefit from our contribution
This set of tools has often been useful both individually and in combination with other more consulting and / or training services that may be part of the solution provided to the customer.

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Dratting service icon

"Table setting" service which helps the designers, providing a result that is completely compatible with the latest generation PDM / PLM systems. ➯

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3D modeling service icon

Modeling service that modernizes the company and allows designers to focus more on research and development. ➯

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CAD library service icon

Development of libraries integrated into CAD system that replace brochures and websites for downloading the 3D model. ➯

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Design configuration service icon

Service that automates and conforms modeling to the standard, allowing designers to focus on new products. ➯

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Tailor-made solutions.

It will be a pleasure to compare and build a tailor-made solution which leads to the required objectives with defined times and costs.
In addition to this, we collaborate with a number of companies and professionals who can be a support to any design need.

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We do not sell products

We only focus on providing services so that there is no way for us to influence our consultancy with the needs of the sales budgets requested by the producers. This also allows us to have a particular "multi-brand" view of the market which puts us in a favorable position with respect to most of the competitors, which must also focus on selling product.

Standard Solutions

We only offer solutions based on consolidated international standards and better if proposed by more than one vendor in the national territory. This is to guarantee the customer's investment, but also the only bond of a healthy relationship between supplier and customer.


We always try to offer services which not only solve the customer's need, but also lead in the direction of improving the quality of the customer's internal processes. The frequent feedback of a growth in our most assiduous customers, both in terms of processes and the company maturity reached, is one of our greatest points of pride.



The promis of clarity and honesty with the customer.

Reference market

The market for services to technical offices is "distorted" by numerous factors. Among these, there are external professional figures who hide subordination relationships, in addition to non-professional figures without costs related to legality. We have no intention of competing in terms of value with this market because we trust in the presence of customers with our same point of view.

The right value

We do not want to fall into the vortex of low prices that often leads to cunning or illicit behaviors. The clarity pact with the customer starts from the recognition of a value - based on a price list - to refer to for the activities carried out. Our price list includes discounts related to the purchase volume, in order to reward the most assiduous and historically correct customers.


With a strong commitment from the customer, we can offer several solutions of financial approach to the project, such as the payments at the achievement of project objectives / deliveries. Otherwise - for customizations - we can offer a user license agreement rather than a project result ownership, making the initial economic impact less.

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