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The remote two-dimensional table processing service is designed for modern technical offices and consists of taking care of the two-dimensional tables processing, referring to the three-dimensional models produced and approved by your technical office. We assume that the three-dimensional design - also called Digital Prototyping - is complete and exhaustive; therefore, the production of the two-dimensional tables is left to be a document production process which must be carried out by technicians qualified in technical regulations, basing on the design already carried out in 3D.



Your Technical Departmen

1) Solid Modeling ↓
2) Approval ↓
3) Electronic transmission →

Our Offices

4) Drafting processing ↓
5) Electronic delivery →

Your Technical Department

6) Control ↓
7) Possible completion ↓
8) Approval.

Everything starts from the three-dimensional design of your technical office (1) and from your following approval of it (2). At this point the 3D project is electronically transferred to our offices (3) together with a list of codes of which we should draw up the two-dimensional tables. At this point we proceed to the drafting of the tables (4) and we send you everything (5) according to the pre-established sending batches. The control phase (6), the possible adjustment and / or addition of tolerances and / or other (7), in addition to the responsibility for the approval phase (8), remains your responsibility.

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Here are the main advantages offered by the proposed service:



No one knows your product and your construction methods better than your internal staff, and for this reason - by keeping the three-dimensional design internally - we maintain the design consistency and a maximum production efficiency. Very often our CAD technicians - trained in depth on the tool - are able to express a strong execution speed of the CAD commands and therefore a rapid realization of the two-dimensional documentation linked to the project.


The service makes possible to clearly define roles, that is something extremely difficult in the context of an external technical office, opening up to possible legal disputes in terms of responsibility and intellectual property. A confidentiality contract is definitely not enough to keep methodologies and solutions yours. These are - once acquired - in any case part of the cultural background of the external designer and no one will ever be able to prove that previously they were not already his.


Thanks to the one-to-one correspondence of the 2D technical drawing with its 3D one - already developed, enriched with metadata and coded by your technical office - the two-dimensional we have developed, naturally finds its place alongside the 3D model stored in the document management system. Everything without the need to reserve codes or open the use of internal tools such as PDM / PLM to external designers.


Therefore, considering that the internal research and development department has only the "accommodation" phase - usually counterbalanced by the productivity efficiency of our external technicians in instrumental use - we can say that the internal office is relieved of the same time which is assigned to us for the realization of our task. This level of efficiency is at least double or triple the total efficiency of an external studio.

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The service is provided by Italian personnel, qualified as a mechanical technician with years of experience in the field of mechanical drafting. In addition, alongside the preparation in mechanics, there is an in-depth knowledge of technical drawing tools, enough to make the same operators suitable also for training the CAD instrumentation itself in companies that already use the same systems. This choice allows us to keep the promise of high productivity mentioned above.

This approach prevents us from being competitive with the various service providers of the "external technical office" type, often freelancers with a reduced tax system compared to a company like ours. In the case of specific interest for medium-high or very high volumes of work, we can consider the acquisition of specific personnel or the commitment of details to international collaborations in order to reduce the overall amount.

More generally, we are pleased to count among the customers of this service also companies that pay particular attention to the cost factor. However, they have not limited themselves to observing the euro / hour parameter but above all the productivity, i.e. how much it is produced in that period of time and how our work usually integrates without any problem into the normal company production cycle.

Indispensable is the first commercial meeting where you can adjust an effective tool for reducing the hourly cost: the set of PREPAID days, which in according to the number of days PAID IN ADVANCE, allows access to significant discounts compared to the price list. Everything without compromising the fact that the first contract usually provides for a couple of free days in which the customer's compatibility with the service rendered is checked.

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A) Who is the service for?
The service is aimed at small, medium and large companies. Over time, we had positive feedback from customers of various kinds. From the small company that contacts us when it is "overloaded", to the medium or large company, even in the context of larger and more complex projects, also combining this with other services offered.

B) Is the Service carried out on site or remotely?
The service is carried out remotely, except for a couple of initial days of requests improvement and of the requested design "style". An on-site service is possible, but we no longer speak of a specific service as in this case, but of "Training on the job". Although the difference seems only semantic, there are two important aspects to take into consideration: firstly the transfer cost, and secondly the higher costs due to the need to send personnel with a "Senior" qualification.

C) Can I send the boards directly to production?
No. The tables must first be checked, possibly adjusted and then approved by internal staff. These three phases are responsibility of the customer's R&D department, both because it is normal and duty that there are those who do, then those who check and subsequently those who approve; and because we cannot replace the customer company in assuming responsibility for what is sent to production.

D) Are my data safe?
Yes. We adopt different strategies to give the greatest guarantee in this regard, including:
D.1 A non -disclosure Agreement (aka NDA) with which we undertake not to disclose,
D.2 We work preferably by the day, not by the hour, so not to mix the works
D.3 We preferably work on virtual environments, so once the batch is delivered we delete the virtual machine
D.4 On request we also delete what has been acquired and returned.

E) At the same time, I need to modify also...?
Sorry, we do not provide engineering services of any kind. If you want, we can give you the name of excellent technical studies to have the modification done first and then give us the 3D model to develop the “drafting”, but we are not equipped to provide any engineering service.

F) Are references available?
Yes, of course, if necessary, we can let you speak directly with some of our customers, subject to prior verification of the customer's availability.

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